Sunday, April 29, 2012

Running Ditches

The safe way was to prop one foot
against each side, hop forward balanced
above the green-slime muck
the rains had left. Child as static equilibrium,
balanced forces: pressure (out to left and right),
gravity (down).

The fast way was to run. Up one flank
of the concrete V, until the earth
takes over, pulling down; then jump
the bottom, ride momentum up the other side
but always forward. Sine-wave path
unfolded against alternate walls. Dynamic
disequilibrium, a constant fall.

Fall in and start your run, or take
your braced stance: either way
an easy start. The end's a different story.
Six feet (two meters?) deep, those ditches:
no steps or handholds. Strange, I can't recall
the exit strategy. Perhaps there wasn't one.
Perhaps we had to reinvent it every time.
Perhaps I'm still in flight along a ditch
above green slime.

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