Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nevada Traveling Blues

You can't go 'cross the valley where dust devils love to rise
You can't go 'cross the playa where them devils blind your eyes
That old dead lake bed breeds up little storms like clouds of flies.

You can't go through the mountains 'cause the slopes are way too steep
You can't go over-mountain where the avalanches sleep
And the cliffs reach up so high and the canyons plunge so deep.

Go round about the basin til you find the mountain gate
Go round among the foothills where the hoodoos stand and wait
For the fire will catch you early and the dark will catch you late.

Your horse won't eat the sagebrush and the grass is dry and thin
And a sip will up and kill you where the springs are alkaline
And the water's salt like tears and it's bitter just like sin.

Oh, the south wind brings you flash floods and the north wind brings you dust
The east wind brings you thunder but the west wind you can trust
God help us off this flat before our hopes all go to bust.

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