Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hood to Coast, Via Council Crest

They ran the Hood-to-Coast relay today
while I walked: Goose Hollow to Council Crest
and sat on a dry hillside, facing west.
The Coast Range hills were hidden in white haze,
the blue-sky substitute of summer days.
The relay's first half was by then at rest
or cheering on their teams. My solo quest
circled the hill under Mt. Adams' gaze.

Roll on, the relay; run to the ocean's strand.
From the Coast Range crest, see how the light
gleams differently over the Pacific sands.
Salt air greets you coming down from the height.
Drink in the ozone-touched oceanic chill.
My heart goes with you from this sunburned hill.

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1 comment:

Lydia said...

This is just so, so, so beautiful! Hard to express how much I love this poem.