Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Some Random Observations

The tiniest of diurnal insects
is the pimento moth.
An unbridled, unbitted horse
will outrun a ridden one
but not outlearn it.
Cats prefer to drink
from running water-- perhaps because they think
there might be fish.
The steepest streets in the world
are in San Francisco
and so are the fastest-moving fogs.
If woolly-bear caterpillars are burrowing into the ground
instead of wrapping themselves in dead leaves,
expect a hard winter.
If they wrap themselves in leaves and then burrow,
expect the end of the world.
Sea turtles may travel up to 500,000 miles in their lifetime
but always return to breed
on the beach where they hatched.
Fool's gold, or pyrite, is often found
in association with jasper.
Pimento moths don't eat pimentos. Their larvae
pupate on the plants because only there are they safe from the parasitic wasps
who lay masses of tiny eggs inside the bodies of helpless caterpillars
who are then devoured from within.
It seems the wasps
don't like pimentos.

--not word salad, but a similar exercise. The words in green were seven-letter words from a game of Scrabble friends played.

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