Monday, October 22, 2012

More number games: Sonnets

I got curious and counted. I've written 294 sonnets to date.

The label count only shows 290, because I collapsed the five Musketeer sonnets into one post. I also took the sonnet label off some poems that, on looking back, I didn't think qualified. The definition of a sonnet is contentious these days, possibly more so than any other form except the haiku; I decided, for the purposes of the counts, that to be a sonnet, it had to rhyme or scan or both, and had to either adhere to the 14-line count, or some immediately recognizable variation on a sonnet structure. (See "Carcosan Idyll.") Rhymes could be slant: see "Faulknerian Specimens."

Shakespeare published 154 in his lifetime. Who knows how many he wrote?

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