Sunday, October 07, 2012

Pass By Slow

Got a head full of trouble and a heart full of pain
There's a semi throwing tread in the center lane, pass by slow
You know I got to pass this one slow
Don't wanna be here when that tire finally blows.

Triple-trailer fishtailing in the wind
Lord have mercy, I know I've sinned, pass by slow
You know I've got to pass this one slow
That jackknife will kill you before you ever know.

Harley rider coming at a hundred and three
Lord have mercy on him and me, pass by slow
I'm the one that's taking it slow
He's in a hurry, just where I don't know.

Left lane Lexus with the halo heads
Burn my vision to spots of red, pass by slow
I wish he wouldn't pass me so slow
This night-blind driving will kill a woman dead.

There's a brand new cross up at Dead Man's Drop
I'd read you the name but there's no place to stop. Oh...
You know I had to pass it so slow
Sweet chariot, won't you swing down low?

Darkness found me at milepost eight
If I'm not there by morning, will you still wait? Pass by slow
You know that I am taking it slow
But you know I can't afford to be late.

I got to the place that I call home
The off-ramp's closed, can you hear me moan, oh...
You know I had to pass it by slow
The exit sign says that I was born to roam.

My head got wet with the midnight dew
Black night changing to morning blue, oh...
You know the sun came up so slow
I trust in God to keep me moving on through.

Myrtle Creek curve at forty-five
That's how to do it if you wanna survive. Take it slow
You know you got to take it that slow
That curve will kill you like it killed so many before.

Rogue Valley River so cool and sweet
If I stop for you will you wash my feet? No...
I can't afford to take it that slow
I've places to go and people that I have to meet.

Rogue Valley River so cold and deep
If I lay down my head will you let me sleep? No...
I can't afford to take it that slow
These white-water kisses will never be mine to keep.

Downgrade ahead at six percent!
My brake linings' burning, they are almost spent. Oh, no,
Lord, won't you help me down slow?
That runaway truck ramp just might save my soul.

You know I live by the rules of the road
Tell me what it takes to lighten my load, pass by slow
You know I've tried to take it so slow
But when I get to stop, only the good Lord knows.

Available! High-Voltage Lines, Knocking from Inside

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