Monday, April 29, 2013

The Queen of the Universe

surveys the world
from a throne of rumpled bedclothes.
Small, but self-sufficient,
her domain is populated
with slaves who possess (all-importantly)
thumbs. Who understand the workings
of doorknobs and can-openers.

All is not always peaceful. The Queen
has enemies: she hates the kitten.
The dog is loyal, but unruly
and sometimes fails to appropriately discern
the royal will. Then, the dreaded frown--
accentuated by stripes on her furry brow.

The days are past when her dominion
extended over the whole block-- now
she goes out only now and then,
watches the world from my bedroom window,
drinks from the tub, sleeps on the bed.
Matters domestic remain firmly

under her paw.

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