Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Persephone and the Dark Man

Yes, I ran away with the Dark Man,
I was bored with endless summer,
tired of being my golden mother's golden girl.
I felt caged by perfection and my innocence
was a burden whose dimensions I could not discern
but whose weight crushed me.

He came to my window and whispered
with a mouth of earth. He promised me a throne
of bone and cold metal, a palace of dirt,
worms to be my subjects. I would be sole queen
of his charnel kingdom.

Tell me you would have done different. Say
you would have spat out the pomegranate seeds
when you've come to me, as you must,
when you sit at my husband's feet and tell over your life
to the faceless judges. If they call that statement true
I will laugh.

Available! High-Voltage Lines, Knocking from Inside

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