Friday, March 03, 2017

You Bring Out The...

The exercise: Write a poem titled "You Bring Out The _______ In Me" where the blank should be filled with something no one would ever actually use to describe you. (Or so you hope.)

Previous take was here

You Bring Out The Lynch Mob In Me

You bring out the midnight knock, the knotted noose in me
The sheet with holes, the burning cross, the blown-up black church in me
You bring out things I never knew in me, the jackboots, submachine guns, barbed wire in me
You bring out the knife and the gasoline-filled tire in me
The chokehold, gun to the back of the head, jail-cell "suicide" with mysterious camera malfunction in me

You bring out the fear in me and promise a wall to keep me safe
You bring out the howling hatred in me and promise a war to make me strong
With you I burn mosques, bomb synagogues, desecrate burial grounds
You bring out the spite in me and bloat it on a diet of alternative facts
Be careful, Mr. President: the things you bring out in me cannot be put down so easily
and, unlike dogs, will turn and bite the hands that feed.

Available! High-Voltage Lines, Knocking from Inside

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