Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Six Names

We cry our grief. We pray for intercession.
Amid the grisly ruins stands Fear exalted.
Surrounded by destruction, loss of life.
It seems too far to ever reach for peace.
It seems that war's the new forever truth.
As numb we stand, and numbly we bear witness.

Your choices: victim, perpetrator, witness.
Not one of you has power to intercede.
None of us like it, sorry, it's the truth.
Leave the hard work to your government, exalted.
Someday down the road, we'll win a peace
(Maybe in your childrens' childrens' life.)

Well, I reject that choice. I stand for life.
Better to be a loud than silent witness.
Don't sit there passively and wait for peace!
It's our responsbility to intercede.
Our hands will be made strong by One Who Exalts,
Spit in the face of lies. Demand the truth.

But is our helplessness the bitter truth?
We can't even control our own little lives.
How can we see ourselves as so exalted?
Should we not be content with bearing witness?
There's no real chance that we can intercede.
Don't we deceive ourselves, with hopes for peace?

Believe that, and we lose all chance of peace.
Accept your helplessness, it becomes truth.
If God wills it, we can intercede.
Believe it's so, and so construct your life.
Fail, but at least try! God is our witness.
The One sees all, both humble and exalted.

And so we call on One Who Exalts,
And pray our repetitions lead to peace.
And conscience bids us: Stand and bear witness
And honesty demands we speak the truth.
And courage calls us forth to fight for life
And God grant us the power to intercede.

Will you stand witness against violence exalted?
Will you intercede on behalf of peace?
This is the simple truth: We all need life.

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