Monday, March 06, 2006

Poem For A Lonely Ghost

Open the window and let the rain blow in
Dust turns to mud on the bare windowsill.
Swirling in the room, discarded feathers
from a fallen swallow's nest of yesteryear.
See the little spiders scurrying for cover.

To gain what comes, you give up what has been.
The past is guaranteed, no change for good or ill,
but open the window and let in some new weather.
Eggs turn to fledglings and they disappear
some new continent will be theirs to discover.

Something has ended. Something will begin.
Some wandering hearts come home; some wander still.
The haunted house is razed, its ghosts untethered.
Let go the grief, give up the fear.
Open the window and call out to your lover.

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