Saturday, August 11, 2007

Prayer to my Beloved

Author: Barbara Lichtenstein-Simpson (Barsili)

Walking along the beach...remembering
The old neighborhood, friends, events
Thinking about life, and where I am now

Thank You my God, for accompanying me
During those dark times, when I felt so lost
...during the hours of my crazy youth

When I felt scared, frustrated or hurt
When I felt there was no hope
And above all for being my loving Guide

Because of You in the all encompassing
I survived the good and the bad
How far down may I bow in gratitude?

How can I show You my gratitude?
I feel the sea's breeze on my face
...the murmur of the waves

I observe the carefree passersby
Why do they not remember You their Creator?
You, who are so Generous and Merciful

We are as chimpanzees imitating others
...simply animated matter!
Do they not wonder why they are here?

True evolution, the real, the spiritual...
The mystery and secret to life is at hand
Yet my Darling Beloved, they dance on

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