Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ringing of the Bards: Life, Death, and God

The Ringing of the Bards has come round to me again... and the Bards of the Internet this week have spoken about their relationships with life, death, and God.

Below are the first lines of submitted poems, rearranged to form another poem. You can meet the Bards in person at each of their lines:

I feel the moistness of the day heavy on my skin.
Sometimes I hear angels humming
in Rattlesnake City.
Prophet Noah fell in love with rain
he is kneeling
dark water runs away in the sunlight,
more precious than diamonds.

We thought we were castles.
This I have learned and nothing more:
make no bones about it, you are more than
walking along the beach...remembering
the veil between the worlds
wanting to fish the essence out,
memory filled light.
O beloved one,
stop being ego-centered!
Let's walk a Point Defiance trail
9 hours of night in the wild.

The Lord of the Worlds:
"I light the stars at night
I cradled you today in space and time."

You can also meet the Bards below, at the titles of their poems (in the same order as the lines above).

keep the faith (Gulnaz)
the forgotten road (Jo)
Rattlesnake City (Terry)
Noah’s music (Daniel)
prayer (Rax)
waiting (Russell)
for my dearest and best (Lisa)

we are sand
the loving heart (Irving)
if you really want to know (MB)
prayer to my Beloved (Barbara)
the hole (Bob)
wanting to fish the essence out (Kevin)
comfort (Jone)
Sade Vere Aay Kare (Bulleh)
where is the center of an infinite circle? (Sadiq)
rockiness (Mike)
on the mountain (Dervish)

spirit landscapes
peripheral view (Oz)
letting go (Rick)

Thanks to all who contributed.

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