Saturday, September 22, 2007

At the Red Cross, Again

Weekend Wordsmith's prompt this week is: Oreos. About the only time I ever eat Oreos is when I give blood.

I didn't eat an Oreo today
down at the Red Cross. Normally I would
but owners of a Mexican cafe
had donated tamales. They were good.
So wrapped in tape and iodine, I sat
and watched the volunteers dispensing juice
while donors and collectors stopped to chat.
They traded politics and family news
admired the weather, talked about the war
(in lowered tones), the price of groceries
wished me good-day as I walked out the door.
Another blood donation. Goodness knows,
I'm glad to help someone's recovery
(but wish I'd nabbed a pack of Oreos).


paisley said...

i haven't donated blood or plasma in years,, as i am no longer an acceptable donor... but this does indeed remind me of the woozy feeling i had many a time when i had not eaten before hand....

Richard Wells said...

Tiel, I don't know how I happened upon your blog, but I'm glad I did. Amazing, to me, that you write as much as you do, and that your interests are so varied. I've got you bookmarked, so am looking forward to checking in frequently. Thanks. Oh, I think I know, it must have been from Expecting Rain.

Carmi said...

I found you via WW, and I'm so glad I did.

Coincidentally, I'm a donor, too. I give plasma every week at a clinic in my burg. I love getting to know the donors and nurses, and knowing that I'm giving back in some way.

The next Oreo I have - this Friday...every Friday - I'll think of you and smile.