Monday, October 29, 2007


What is it, fear? No goblin mask, no face
receding into haunted-hallway gloom.
The stagnant-drain smell of a fearful place,
what is it? Fear no goblin mask, no face-
less ghost in white, no ectoplasmic trace
of harmless dead. Fear locked doors, silent rooms.
What is it, fear? No goblin mask. A face
receding into haunted hallway gloom.

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Steve said...

Nicely written.

AnnieElf said...

This took a bit of time but it finally sank in. Lose the fear and self-haunting and the light will pore into that hallway and unlock the doors. Deeply moving.

Dick said...

Once again, the form serves the theme well. The repetitive nature of the verse reproduces the obsessive nature of fear very effectively.

keith hillman said...

A strong message beautifully constructed. Good stuff.

UL said...

"Fear locked doors, silent rooms", this was lovely.

...deb said...

Good on many levels.
I'm with UL re: favorite lines. The echos do work nicely, too.

Rebicmel said...

Fear can be very haunting, especially when it is uncontrolled. Very nicely written here.

tumblewords said...

stagnant drain smell - there's fear there...provocative poetry.

Greggo said...

powerfully written!

faith said...

excellent - admire you use of
the triolet as a daily entree.