Friday, June 13, 2008


A key that’s rusting in the lock
an aging missile in its dock
corroded cannon-barrels, pocked
with memories of ancient wars
half-open frozen bomb bay doors
a fleet of warships, half unmoored
dust-shrouded towns of khaki tents
surrendering to the elements
behind decaying barbed-wire fences
grounded wings of fighter planes
a battlefield of faded stains
where skeletons lie still unclaimed
beneath the earth where poppies blaze
in fields where sheep may safely graze.

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Greyscale Territory said...

Love the line "a battlefield of faded stains" and the final comment "Where sheep may safely graze". Some disturbing contrasts.

Great write!

White Rose said...

If only the arsenals of war could be dust covered and forgotten. And if I am understanding what you are trying to convey, than this is a terrifying poem. Only forgotten when we are long gone.

Great write!

one more believer said...

that wars would continue throughout time... awesome last few lines.. poppies blaze, sheep safely graze... unmatched beauty what lies beneath?