Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No-Fly Lists

3 Word Wednesday: Desperate. Lapse. Traveled.

desperate measures:
no-one travels anywhere
IDs lapsed or not

Collection available! Knocking from Inside


b said...

Everyone took a "staycation". :)


b said...

But I might add...being on the no fly list is not in anyway a good thing. It's not that you would want to travel, but that you were not allowed.


tumblewords said...

Amazing world, isn't it? You wrote it well.

pjd said...

the funny thing about no-fly lists is that the only desperate thing about those measures is the desire for political efficacy. Are we really safer carrying 2.5 ounces of aftershave instead of the dreaded 3? Are we really safer when we're standing among 500 other travelers in a line with no security keeping a bomber from blowing us all up? Just so we can keep that bomber off the plane with 175 people on it?

The lunacy of it all baffles me.

OneMoreBeliever said...

b staycation thaz hilarious.. waiting, always waiting...up in the sky down here on earth...

Edo said...

And now, a tanka:

And as it is in the sky
So too upon the surface