Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Circle II, Canto V: updated for the 21st century

Black glass altar with an ozone hum
drinks in the world over high-voltage wires.
Realities tremble on the tip of your thumb,
hurricanes changing to consumerist desires:
bruise-black makeup under black-glass shades,
full-frontal toe-cleavage fashionably shod,
camo-cloaked bandoliers of Tinkertoy grenades.
The must-have religion of a lipstick god
attractively packaged for whirlwindow-shop
summer-fun one-stop second-circle lust.
Ad campaigns suck your brain like a lemon-drop
remote-controlled in stereo, caught up in the dust-
devil rat race upper tier of Hell,
blowing in the wind with the other ones who fell.

--for Poefusion: Lipstick God
Collection available! Knocking from Inside


Greyscale Territory said...

How I love the exotic allure of this! Rich imagery pulses with all the illusion of lipstick on a pale stage.

Michelle Johnson said...

Excellent, Tiel. Simply excellent. I too love all the imagery presented within your poem. Some great stuff here. Have a nice day.