Friday, September 19, 2008

Dragon's Lament

Inspired by a painting by Rick Mobbs.

The dragons stare in gentle puzzlement
as riders bearing helm and shield and sword
spur scaly flanks. A creeping, warlike horde
displays its teeth in bristling armament.
And overhead, the dragons in the skies
who struggle under military loads
cry out against the cruel steel goads
and tear away the blinders from their eyes—

"But surely we were never, ever meant
to cast such shadows, dark with fear and ruin
to be destruction's engines, slaves of wrath!
We should be blazing daytime stars, a moon
for moonless nights, to light a lover's path.
As lamps, not burning cities, we were sent."

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rick said...

Tiel, Broadus and I quite agree. This is inspired (and you work quickly, don't you?). I'll post it now!

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Terrific, as your poetry ALWAYS is!