Friday, April 17, 2009

Glory Tongue

Language is a shining universal
tool, the only one that we can lift
with minds alone. It's God's most precious gift
to humankind. Like thistledown dispersal,
ideas spread, to seed the common good
and faithful tongues cry praise upon their Master.
News of need in some far-off disaster
runs like wildfire in a burning wood.

Against deceptive talk and evil slanders,
weigh a loving word, an honest praise
for work well done. A liar only squanders
treasure that's his birthright. Fill your days
with upright speech, with holy stories sung
in language that God gave, the glory tongue.

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Granny Smith said...

Masterfully crafted sonnet, with truth embedded.

Fledgling Poet said...

This was rich with meaning...beautiful.

SweetTalkingGuy.. said...

Okay, I like it, and using this form gives it a timeless quality. The opening sentence is quite some statement.

The American Sandwich

Dee Martin said...

Sometimes it seems like a phrase just grabs you and makes you sit up and yell -
"Language is a shining universal
tool, the only one that we can lift
with minds alone."

For want of a better way to put it - WOW

Alone on the Isle said...

This is an an excellent piece all around, I loved it from start to finish.

Beth said...

This sings . . . I especially liked the ending phrase, back to ¨"glory tongue" in such a positive and beautiful affirmation of what is possible.