Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More fun with numbers

Since I last posted about my hit counter on May 18th, the top 10 lineup has changed some.

Top three: unchanged at: main page; "Umbrella Manifesto"; "AI poetics".

"Literal and figurative poetry" has beat out "Painted Sky" for the #4 spot, and "Simile and Metaphor:Greens and Blues" is moving up fast.

In spots #7 and #8, "Buddha Hand"; "Lollipop Girls", followed by two newcomers to the top 10, "Shihuangdi's Tomb"; "Plasma Arc Incineration". Former top 10s "Was it flarf?" and "Lacemaker God" have fallen below 10.

These changes are entirely due to the fact that "Literal and figurative poetry", "Simile and Metaphor:Greens and Blues", "Buddha Hand", "Lollipop Girls", "Shihuangdi's Tomb", and "Plasma Arc Incineration" continue to accumulate search engine hits, while the others listed have not, or have picked up only a few.

I noted earlier that if you Google "buddha hand", that poem comes up on the front page, which I still think is weird. The same turns out to be true for "plasma arc incineration" (someone commented that that was not a technically correct term, but it seems to be in common enough use that I don't have any reservations about it). I wonder what people think when they're looking for technical specs and come up with that instead?

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