Wednesday, August 19, 2009

13 Observations in Summer

1. Keep your dandelion wine. Give me fresh-picked blackberries.
2. A tint of copper, taint of smoke on the dawn wind.
3. Window fans purr in the evening; morning finds us under the covers.
4. Summer green frays away to let autumn colors peek through.
5. Flies and giant moths stagger through the open windows.
6. The river is low and clear and cold.
7. Marathons crisscross the city like shoelaces.
8. Soccer camp was cancelled today due to the intense heat.
9. Movies feature big explosions.
10. Restaurants feature sidewalk seating, public dog dishes, frozen coffee drinks.
11. The line between the outdoors and air-conditioning is sharp as a knife.
12. At eight o'clock in the evening it still feels like afternoon.
13. Lupine and poppies clothe the earth in the colors of royalty.

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1 comment:

Michelle Johnson said...

beautiful observations, tiel. thanks for sharing them. have a great day.