Saturday, March 10, 2007

Ringing of the Bards: First Things First

I've taken my lead from something Kevin did for Poetry Thursday a while back, and assembled the first lines of the contributor's poems into a (semi-sensical) collage poem. I've changed some punctuation, but no words: so now, to let each poet speak:

First Things First


We hold these ruses to be self-evident
words that defy boundaries
wonders, laughter unrestrained.
Back when I was unwritten
(I have photos instead)
'twas a sunny day, I went out to play.

Bitter white nut in tight brown skin,
you see them after work
high above the shadowed walls.

I am not a tourist but a traveler--
it is like being in a railway station.
We are having a foul-weather bout
in the 21st Century.
On this day
somewhere in the remote arctic
(the time was September, years ago,
this time of year
the approach to winter solstice)
St. Valentine was martyred for his faith.
He’s been asleep, but as I pass, he stirs.
The breath of zekr inhales love.
It is like being connected to an ocean,
like notes from a far horn.

Notes: To read the poems, click on the line: to meet the poets, click on their names.

Floots' posts are transient, so rather than permalink any one post, I'm letting him speak a stanza break.

Check out Susan's sidebar for more of her ED sonnets. She also hosts the Carnival of Hope: details at her blog.

Many thanks to all who contributed, and a special nod to Billy for founding and organizing Ringing. Visit Ringing of the Bards to read past and future editions of the carnival and to sign up for hosting!

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