Friday, April 25, 2008

Soul Repair

Yes, I know the old place is moldering
and I really should get it fixed up.
But my day is punctuated by distractions.
I have no time for repair.

Evening falls; I light a votive candle
and wander the threadbare halls
of my soul, wiping dust from banisters.
I have nothing but time for repair.

Cobwebs choke the windows and I
stumble on the uneven stairs. Dry rot
under my hand. A splinter in my palm.
I repair to my dark bedroom

with nothing but time in my hands,
no tools, no money. Where did I leave
the candle?

The phoenix is reborn in smoke
and she knows nothing of repair.

--for Poefusion: splinter, distractions, molder, votive, punctuate

Collection available! Knocking from Inside


Tumblewords: said...

Nice!! I particularly like the final two lines - they speak a lifetime!

poefusion said...

Great job, Tiel. Does anyone truly no how to mend themselves? What's worse, instead of trying to fix what's wrong we sit by watching it ruin. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice night.

Admin said...

you use powerful, archetypal symbols so incredibly.

Anonymous said...

i can so relate to this... i live in an old house that needs repair and sometimes it can be overwhelming... i so appreciate those last two lines i am empowered!!!