Thursday, April 30, 2009

Umbrella Manifesto

They do not realize

that we are really spiders.

Even when they see our webs

with something trapped in them

or our delicate legs

or even our egg clusters.

No matter how sophisticated we appear

lush and romantic

evocative and fragile

or stately and dramatic

our hearts are savage steel springs!

Robert Frost glimpsed the truth of us.

We lurk in unexpected places

in vast throngs.

Some day we'll make our move...

in rain

in sun

by sea

by air!

We have allies.

We are masters of disguise.

We are both great

and small.

We are legion

and our day is dawning!

Image credits:
we are really spiders by Nea Smyrni; our webs by GrimaPP; something trapped by san san; delicate legs by Neke Moor; egg clusters by Nancy Horowitz; sophisticated by Adam Lambert-Gorwyn; lush and romantic by Sabrina Olivetti; evocative and fragile by Renee Russell; stately and dramatic by Jade Colley; steel springs by Celal Teber; glimpsed the truth by Felix Starcea; unexpected places by Jake Levin; vast throngs by Charles Wilson; make our move by Mario Alberto Magallanes Trejo; in sun by Cecile Geng; in rain by Rodolfo Clix; by sea by Rodolfo Clix; by air by Lucretious; allies by Emre Nacigil; disguise by Karunakar Rayker; great by Ana Schaeffer; small by foxumon; legion by Rita Mezzela; dawning by Cat Norris

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Dan Gambiera said...

Get yourself a trusty rebrella

soulbrush said...

this is am amazing and excitimg post.

Kendra said...

those are some inspiring images! I guess I better get out there and Inspire myself by thursday! It's rainy this week so this is perfect!

Pam said...

This post is so extremely creative. Bravo!

Gregory Falta said...

I absolutely love this, the visuals combined with the poetry such a delight!

Foxumon said...

This is really fun! ^-^

TY for the image credit! :)

Graphic Designer London said...

What a great selection of images, well done!