Saturday, May 16, 2009

Shadow Loss

All winter long I didn't see my shadow
(I, like groundhogs, peering anxiously)
but now she has come back, and I am glad, oh
glad to see her once more follow me:
a swatch of dark to balance summer skies
midday reminder of the coming night,
a clever masquer in a dark disguise
who mocks each move that I make in the light.

Each morning now the sidewalk sees her stretch
and shrink up tiny when the sun is high.
Oh my companion, dancing pavement sketch
where have you been these seven months gone by?
Of all the pains of cold and rain and frost
I think this was the worst: my shadow, lost.

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poefusion said...

Oh! this is great. I think we can all relate to our little shadow friend missing and returning at the most unexpected time. Well done.

Durward Discussion said...

This is one of your most enjoyable poems. I really like the imagery of the lost or hiding shadow. Maybe she is just a trickster that needs to be sewn like Peter Pan's.

Gemma Wiseman said...

Strange! I too thought of Peter Pan and needing his shadow sewn on! Not really sure why! Perhaps it is the magical, whimsical tone of this delightful sonnet.

Andromeda Jazmon said...

sweet! A great take on the return of summer light - I hadn't thought of how it brings shadows back in a new way. Thx!