Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dragon Year

"So what's your sign?" My kinship is: with boats
that race to scarlet drums, their oars like legs
on water-centipedes; with kites afloat
above forbidden cities; pearls or eggs
encysting essence; rulers of the flood;
warden of temples and pavilions;
source of a pigment that resembles blood
which painters use, and call vermilion.

The zodiac's a bracelet hung with cryptic
charms called constellations, symbols worn
like ruts into the path of the ecliptic,
to which Western horoscopes adhere.
My heritage is elsewhere. I was born
in nineteen sixty-four: a dragon year.

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Rosaria Williams said...

I dropped in intrigued by the title. Your poem made me a captive.

poefusion said...

Great poem. I was born 1968 year of the monkey. I've thought of trying to take a photo of myself and rendering it one half monkey- providing my drawing skills can prevail. Hope all is well. Have a great night.

Tumblewords: said...

You're such a young'un. I could actually be a dragon. Grin. Nice work!