Friday, August 07, 2009

Terminal Diagnosis

They told him that the test was positive

and so he feared it was...

That night in bed beside his wife

he dreamed that all his friends

had gathered in formal garb

around his coffin.

Then he dreamed of a terrible skull shape

followed by a crowd of faceless ghosts!

He saw himself alone in the shadows...

The next day after studying the X-rays

they told him there was no immediate cause for concern.

At once he felt renewed

quit his job at the office

and joined the circus!

Original images:
positive by Charlie Rivell; terminal by Jeinny Solis; bed by Keran McKenzie; friends by Ginny Warner; formal garb by Brian C; coffin by Kerem Yucel; skull by Eyup Salman; ghosts by Ryan Heaney; shadows by Brian C; X-rays by youmat; no concern by Tijmen van Dobbenburgh; renewed by Alessandro Paiva; office by Carin Araujo; circus by Christopher Rayan
Collection available! Knocking from Inside


soulbrush said...

what a lotta fun this week. great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Clever. It made me smile.

poefusion said...

I love the imagination you brought to the page with this one. So cleverly written. Made me smile too. said...

I LOVE this! What a smart idea. I love seeing things that make me think outside of the box. Excellent idea!