Monday, August 30, 2010

Turtle Mountain Picnic

A collaborative poem generated by myself and Christopher Luna, at the OSPA picnic yesterday, in response to a writing exercise provided by Steve and Constance...

My God showed them off at the Creation Derby
as if they were angels,
lifting up the sky
to reveal giraffes
with beehive hairdos
I remember feeling short
and secretly wishing I'd hidden
from sight:
a beautiful parrot flew
just below my chin.

My lover showed them off at Dubuque
as if they were racehorses,
lifting up tired, broken legs
to reveal shattered skulls bedecked
with black diamonds.
I remember feeling nothing
and secretly wishing I'd escaped
from Turtle Mountain:

In a desperate
bid for significance
we had the bright idea
to tie the animals
back legs together,
black diamonds bound to
beehive hairdos
hobbled under a high yellow sky
while the peak of Turtle Mountain exploded
with the wings of thousands of parrots.

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