Friday, July 06, 2018

Second-Hand Smoke

Imagine this in Bob Dylan's voice. And with some funky jazz/folk instrumentals.

If I say I don’t inhale, you’ll think that it’s a joke
One time I lighted up a joint and tried to take a toke
My lungs just would not take it, all I could do was choke (cough, cough)
I think I’m stuck with sucking on your second-hand smoke.

I’m really not a big wheel, I might be just a spoke
Small frog in a big pond, you can barely hear me croak
They say that weed is so cheap, but I am so darn broke
Can’t buy my own, I have to settle for some second-hand smoke.

Underneath the Hawthorne Bridge, they said that it was oke
I tried to hang out over there, the privilege was revoked
I guess I’m just a sad and undeserving bloke
Can’t even get my hands on any second-hand smoke.

Not going to get political and say how I’m all “woke”
But if you see me sleeping, won’t you please give me a poke?
I might be passed out drunk, I might have had a stroke
I might just be high on other people’s second-hand smoke.

Available! High-Voltage Lines, Knocking from Inside

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