Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Windward Shore Surf

It hammers. It hollers. It’s a rage of white tigers, a pack on the hunt

It gouges. It grinds. Strips sand from the shoreline and flesh from your bones

Your feet feel the shred and the suck, crest-curl-undertow, shaking the breakwater

It rips a rip-tide all along the coast, boat-tosser, slam bang, spurts from the clifftop like spouting whales

Makes opihi pickers run for their lives

It’ll drag you and drown you, shake, shatter and roll you

It throws spindrift half a mile inland, salt-glaze your windshield, lick your lips and taste it

It’ll chew you and spit you, slap you and hit you, sing about tradewinds and batter you to bits

It’s a shouter, a braggart, a wall of green thunder, a stone-splitting giant with black sand for teeth

A wind-driven, moon-hooked, gnasher at the world’s edge, a brass band Hallelujah in the world’s biggest church.


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