Monday, November 29, 2021

Spell for a Drought-Free Summer

Snow, I summon you, I invoke each flake and flurry.
Bring down blast and blizzard,
gift-wrap the world in white. Drift deep.
Layer sleeping fish under frozen lakes,
eyes wide and glassy as sheet-ice.
Bed down the brown bear in snowbound woods
held close to hunger until the thaw.
Cover the earth with white-cotton quilts.

Snow, break drought’s iron teeth
on your hailstone fists. Glacier-top my mountains
and stroke their flanks with avalanche.
I will gladly shovel, plow, sledge,
drive dogpacks over pack ice and permafrost
break trail over every ogive, cirque, crevasse.
Snow, bleed onto blade-edged icicles.
Let the thirsty earth capture each drop.

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