Thursday, April 06, 2023

Slant Answera

What would it look like if borders were marked on the sky?

Yellow center stripe half-erased by snowplows.


If your city were an animal, what would it be?

At the end of the street, emergency lights flash in ominous silence.


How is the city sky different from other skies?

Black rainbows float on an oil-slick street.


What if borders were seams instead of rifts?

Afternoon sunlight lights up a flight of swans against black thunderheads.


What city in the world has the most parrots?

In fall, puffballs explode from bark mulch.


Is there a border between sleep and waking?

A blue line of dead by-the-wind sailors on the beach.


Why are so many cities surrounded by suburbs?

Six months into the pandemic, a coyote

laughs in the headlights of a pizza delivery.


Are there fences that are not borders?

In summer, ospreys hunt the length of the waterfront.


What if it were illegal for a river to be a border?

Broken chains hanging from a flowering tree.


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