Saturday, June 03, 2006

And another round of blogger tag!

Maliha tagged me for "10 things you don't know about me". Of course that depends who "you" are... but since I seem to have acquired a fair number of new readers recently, I'll assume you know very little about me...

1) I was born in Philadelphia, but like to think I've overcome that handicap.
2) I have a pet snake, in addition to the several other animals who share my home.
3) I belong to the Qadiri-Rifai tariqa.
4) I was raised in Tanzania.
5) I once burned a book. (Okay, a pamphlet.)
6) I've been known to eat a couple of pounds of cherries in one sitting. (On the way home.)
7) I spent 4 weeks camping on a mountain in southeastern Oregon one summer, and dreamed I wasn't really me.
8) I'm registered as an independent voter.
9) I don't like eggplant.
10) I play African drums and Indonesian martial arts.

I'm passing this tag to people I don't know well. So: Majnuun, musicalchef, Dale, Cynthia, the Soulless One-- Heads up! Y'all are it!

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