Friday, August 14, 2009

Pink and Orange Deshabillé

I'm languidly composed, I'm of Rubenesque proportions
evocative and sensual and quite without volition
a pink and orange abstract of an article on art
imaginary angel with a graphic for a heart.

I'm a model modern model with no contract or consent
superior amusement of the mock-intelligent.
I'm an odalisque in rubies in a classical position
flamingo-feather boa with a habit of constriction.

The artist tried all his techniques, a dozen different poses
with a linen drape as backdrop on a bed of thornless roses.
He labored fruitless to defeat my resolute vulgarity
my déclassé appearance, pink and orange déshabillé.

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Michelle Johnson said...

Tiel this is great. I love your picture too. Very fitting to the poem. Have a great night.

ditsychick6 said...

This is brilliant, Tiel!!!

soulbrush said...

this is exquisite, i love your art.

Sophie said...