Friday, September 28, 2007

and what is power

and when will power answer all our questions
and when will power meet with our demands
and what is power, swirling of electrons
or human hearts that dare to take a stand
and who knows truth apart from the reflections
when cathode rays illuminate the land
and who can guarantee their resurrection
and who gives orders to the angel band
does every storm destroy a piece of coastline
does every wave fall broken on the sand
and which is stronger, surf or earth or moonshine
and who are we but fingers on the hand

and whose are we but Heaven’s to command
and whose are we but God’s to understand


Jo said...

Your words always have power. I like particularly:

and what is power, swirling of electrons
or human hearts that dare to take a stand

paisley said...

my but you are in fine form on this one... bravo!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a lovely sonnet. It moves with grace and precision and fullness of language and it reflects great intelligence and compassion. Lovely poem.

Menopauseprincess said...

I feel without words to say how much I like this. You write beautifully.

Patois42 said...

As always, a powerful set of words coming from you. It's brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and filled with life's questions that answer themselves :)

Ya Haqq!

Tumblewords: said...

Excellent post. The more I read of your writing, the more I want to read!

rebecca said...

I've always found your poetry to be above are a prolific, gifted poet. another excellent post.

anthonynorth said...

An excellent, powerful post. One day people will understand that every system that utilises power falls, usually amid the ashes of a society.
What we should really strive for in this context is influence.