Thursday, September 06, 2007

Imagination and Life

For the new Tuesday poetry sharing site at Writer's Island, I'm re-sharing two posts that I had written previously.

Inspiration, ideas and imagination is a post I had written for Sunday Scribbling, on the topic of inspiration. As the title suggests, it ended up being about the importance-- I would say, indispensable importance-- of imagination to creativity.

Poetry: It's Not About Me is an essay I wrote in response to an essay that was linked from another blog (don't you love living in the 21st Century?). It's a bit long, but the second part focuses, again, on imagination.

I'll close this mini-post with a quote from Thomas Merton, courtesy of Sadiq:

A God who cannot be imagined does manifest Himself in visible symbols, and the visible symbols are real manifestations of God, and to grasp them one must have imagination.

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