Sunday, April 10, 2022

Questions in a Wandering Mind

Will it rain again today? Will it be sunny?
Will it get too cold for the thyme starts in the back yard?
Will the scrub jay come peck
at the siding by my window? Will I see the hummingbird
zip past my window, incandescent meteor
or incendiary missile? Will Mariupol stand?
Will they find more mass graves?
Will it rain today? Thunder and hail?
Will I have a chance to weed the tulips and pull out
the false mint and rocketweed? Will rockets
fall on Kyiv again? Will they ever find the children
who were taken away into Russia?
Will the children remember where they’re from?
Will it rain today? Will there be a rainbow
like the one yesterday that lasted all afternoon?
Will I find the courage to die
like a soldier blowing up a bridge?
Will I find the courage to live
like a man who saw his entire family put to death?
Will my tulips ever lift their bright red and yellow heads
against the unclean shadows of war?
Will God have mercy on us
God have mercy on us
God have mercy on us all?

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

First of all, your title is so intriguing, "Questions in a wandering mind" and when I read it, it felt like I was inside my mind! My mind tends to wander a lot and it felt relatable reading this poem when my mind tends to ask a hundred questions all at once. Especially with asking certain ones more than once, like "Will it rain today?" But my favorite question that really got me thinking was the part where you said "Will I find the courage to die today?" And, "Will I find the courage to live today?" Those are such fascinating questions! I really enjoyed reading your poem, well done!